How to play Covid-19 educational games on Android

The provincial government of East Java has launched an educational game application called Dawn of Civilization Solve Corona. Interestingly, this application is not only a means of education, but also as a charity donor in the form of basic needs and medical personal protective equipment (PPE). This application is being rolled out in collaboration with Indonesian overseas student volunteers who are members of the Nusantara Innovation Forum based in the UK and Singapore.

The Dawn of Civilization Solve Corona app can be downloaded for free from the Playstore. This game can also be played offline. With a minimum score of 500 points, players can convert the points into basic needs or personal protective equipment.

East Java Governor Khofifah Indah Parawansa hopes this application can spark a huge movement of change in society, making the fight against Covid-19 more compact.

Then how to play Dawn of Civilization Solve Corona game. It’s very simple, let’s follow the steps below.


1. Download and To install Dawn of Civilization Solve Corona app in the Play Store.

2. Open the Dawn of Civilization Solve Corona application already installed on your device.

3. Wait a minute Games completes the data.

4. Click the ‘New“To start the game.

6. Back Games a brief explanation of the virus is displayed. Click the arrow button to continue.

7. Enter your name and city and click the check mark.

8. Click the check mark to start the game.

9. In addition to several games on Covid-19, this game also contains instructional videos on the subject of Corona. Click here to open an instructional video about Corona, click the “Watch Yuks!” Button.

10. Choose a game and this is what it looks like reward obtain. Interesting isn’t it?

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to play the Covid-19 educational game on Android’. Much luck.

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