How to play a prank on InstaStory

As a photo sharing medium, Instagram has many users around the world. Many users do not make Instagram complacent, as evidenced by the new features that appear in the Instagram app. In addition to new features, it turns out that Instagram also has tips and tricks in store that not many are familiar with.

Comments are one of the newest features in InstaStory. But did you know this feature not only works for adding comments, it can also be used to stroke other people’s Instagram accounts. How do I prank InstaStory? Let’s just follow the steps below.

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or IOS device.

2. To begin, click ‘Your story‘.

3. All the photos that are in front of you.

4. Click the ‘image‘in the top menu of InstaStory.

5. Choose white color.

Long press the screen to get background White color. Click the check mark.

6. Click on the ‘decal‘in the top menu of InstaStory.

7. Select stickercomment‘.

8. Increase the sticker size.

Rotate and slide the comment sticker until only your Instagram account profile is visible.

The result is more or less as follows.

9. Click on the ‘text‘.

Write down the words you want to convey.

Give the text color and click the check mark.

Position the text in the Instastory. Click on the icon ‘text“To make an arrow.

10. Make arrows.

Color the arrows and click the check mark.

Position the arrow on the Instastory.

11. Done, click the ‘iconYour story‘to upload your prank to InstaStory.

12. So if another Instagram account opens your InstaStory, your Instagram account profile will change according to the profile of other Instagram accounts that are displayed.

13. Done, very interesting, isn’t it ?.

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Prank on InstaStory’. Much luck.

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