How to Pin Youtube Video Comments

Comments on YouTube videos are very, very important to a content creator because comments can grow a channel quickly.

With comments, a YouTube channel can actually grow. But not least because of comments, a channel had to stop because the content of the creator was consumed by devastating comments from the audience.

Besides reading comments from the audience and Subscribers, YouTube’s comments field has other functions including:

  • advancement
  • Embed your own comment
  • Show the best and worst comments

In order to be able to use the three functions mentioned above, you must use the YouTube pin function. Using Pins allows you to run promotions, pin your own comments, and easily view the best and worst comments.

To do this, you can see the tutorial below.


1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Open one of your videos, then navigate to the comments column.

3. Click the three vertical dots and choose Pin.

4. Here are the results:

5. How to use Pins to show the best and worst comments. For advertising and pinning your own comments, you must first post a comment in the comments column and then click the Pin button.

6. The process is complete.

If you want to release the pinning, all you have to do is click the three vertical dots and then select Pin. The existence of this pin is very useful when large content creators often use it for social media advertising, asking questions about the content being created, in order to arrest perpetrators. bullying.

This is a tutorial on pinning a YouTube video comment. Hope it’s useful.

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