How to permanently delete a Telegram account on Android

The development of technology makes it increasingly easier for humans to do many things, especially when it comes to providing information. A fairly sophisticated application is an application for sending information or messages. There are many applications that you can use to send messages from Android or iOS.

The application is very popular telegram. Much like other messaging applications, Telegram lets you send messages in the form of text, stickers, videos, photos, and more. There are also channel functions, bots and others in the telegram. You can use Telegram on different devices from iOS, Android, PC or through a browser.

Although Telegram is widely used and has very interesting features, not many people want to delete their Telegram account for various reasons such as: E.g .: rare use in Indonesia, change of a new mobile number and others. If you are confused about deleting a Telegram account, don’t worry because Telegram itself has a feature to delete the Telegram account. How to follow the tutorial below.


1. Open first Browser in Smartphone or PC and call up the page Deactivate telegram.

Delete telegram account

2. On this page, please enter the mobile phone number used in the Telegram account and click on Next. Make sure you are using the international format. For example : +6281200000000

Delete telegram account

3. You will then be prompted for input Verification code.

4. Telegram will send a confirmation code to your Telegram account, please Open telegram and View message sent by Telegram Official.

Delete telegram account

5. Copy the verification code and paste it into the column Verification code and click Log in.

6. Select in the menu Deleting an account.

7. Next scroll down until you see the column Your phone number and Why are you going?

8. In column Why are you going?, please enter the reason you want to delete the account and click the button delete my account.

9. A notification window will appear later and choose Yes, delete my account.

Delete telegram account

10. When the Telegram account has been successfully deleted, you will receive a notification “Your account has been successfully deleted from our system. come back soon“Means that the account has been removed from the Telegram system.

Delete telegram account

If you delete the Telegram account, all data on the account, be it pictures, files, groups, channels and others, will be permanently deleted and cannot be returned.

That’s it How to delete Telegram account on Android, If there is any important data, it should first be backed up or saved before the Telegram account is deleted. You can do the above method in a number of ways device like iPhone, Android, PC only with browser. Hope it’s useful.

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