How to permanently delete a Google account

Google offers a collection of services in just one account; in one Google account you can have many services at the same time, e.g. B. a Youtube account, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contact, Google Developer Console, Google Playstore and others.

Creating an account with Google is very easy, all you have to do is fill in your name and other information and request confirmation of your mobile number via SMS to. is sent Smartphone Besides the easy account creation, the process of permanently deleting an account is also very simple, you don’t need to meet many conditions, just use password You can permanently delete your Google account, here is the tutorial.

Remarks: This method can also be performed at Smartphone Android and iOS via the desktop view browser.


1. Make sure you have Sign up to your Google account that you want to permanently delete.

2. Then visit the Google MyAccount menu.

3. Then you click on the menu Data & personalization.

4 You scroll down until you find the menu Delete your service or account.

5. Then you click on the button Delete your account.

6. Enter password from your Google Account (when prompted).

7. If you want to download your Google account information, click the button Download data.

8. You scroll down and tick both Check box available and click on the button Deleting an account.

9. Done.

Note: Google will give an unknown amount of time before the account is permanently deleted. If you want to restore the account, you can Sign up Go back to the Google Account you deleted and you will be asked for information that indicates the account is yours, such as: password, Recovery email, cell phone number, etc.

This is a guide on how to permanently delete a Google Account. Hope it’s useful.

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