How to Overcome WhatsApp Can’t Be Opened and the Solution!

Hello smart friends! Have you ever experienced that WhatsApp can’t be opened or other social media like Instagram can’t be opened? It must be really annoying.

However, this time calm down. We have a way to deal with it and what are the causes of WA not opening. Want to know? Let’s read this article until it’s finished…

Cause WhatsApp Can’t Be Opened

As we have said before. We want to tell you what are the causes of WA cannot be opened. Just take a look below.

1. WhatsApp has expired

WhatsApp can't be opened

WhatsApp can’t be opened

The first cause is WhatsApp which has expired. Well, every developer will always pay attention to the application which will provide updates.

Including to overcome bugs in WhatsApp which can cause problems such as not being able to open or WhatsApp not being able to make video calls or others.

2. WhatsApp Cache Piles

Cache Piling

Cache Piling

The next cause is cache or trash on WhatsApp that has accumulated. Every time you open WhatsApp, it will generate a cache which will accumulate over time.

Well, the cache is piling up. That can cause your WhatsApp to not be opened.

3. Lots of Apps Running in the Background

Many Apps Running in Background

Many Apps Running in Background

The next cause is that many applications are still running or open in the background. This can cause your WhatsApp to not be opened.

Applications that are opened too much can cause the cellphone to be slow so that some applications can’t run like WhatsApp for example.

4. Poor Internet Connection

Poor Internet Connection

Poor Internet Connection

The next cause is a bad internet connection. This cause is certain, why can’t WhatsApp be opened.

Because WhatsApp requires an internet connection. If your internet connection is bad or interrupted, WhatsApp could be experiencing problems such as cannot be opened or others.

5. HP doesn’t support WhatsApp

HP doesn't support WhatsApp

HP doesn’t support WhatsApp

The last cause is a cellphone that doesn’t support WhatsApp. Each application has specifications so that it can run on every cellphone. Well, if the specifications required by WhatsApp do not match.

Then WhatsApp will not be able to be opened. Therefore, make sure first whether your cellphone already supports the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Specifications:

Android with OS 4.0
iPhone with iOS 8
Windows Phone 8.1

After knowing what are the causes of WhatsApp that can’t be opened. Now we will tell you how to solve it.

How to Solve WhatsApp Can’t Be Opened

1. Clear WhatsApp Cache

Clear Cache

Clear Cache

The first way is to clear the WhatsApp cache. The WhatsApp application has garbage which will always accumulate if you open the application.

Well, too much champ piled up. Can cause WhatsApp errors. Therefore, you can delete the trash by using a RAM cleaning application or something else.

Here’s how to clear WhatsApp cache:

open “Settings” > choose “Application” > choose “WhatsApp” > choose “Clear Cache”

2. Clear WhatsApp Data

Select Clear Data

Select Clear Data

The next way is to delete data from the WhatsApp application. In this way, all data on your WhatsApp will be deleted, including chats and contacts.

Therefore, you have to backup WhatsApp first so you don’t lose the data, whether it’s chats or contacts.

Here’s how to delete WhatsApp data:

open “Settings” > choose “Application” > choose “WhatsApp” > choose “Clear Data”

3. WhatsApp updates

WhatsApp updates

WhatsApp updates

The next way is to update WhatsApp. Developers of WhatsApp will make updates to overcome bugs or to provide the latest features to its users.

Including to overcome WhatsApp that cannot be opened. You can update it so that WhatsApp can be opened.

4. Reinstall WhatsApp

Install WhatsApp

Install WhatsApp

The next way is to reinstall WhatsApp. After clearing the cache, deleting data and updating WhatsApp but still WhatsApp cannot be opened.

You can delete WhatsApp and then reinstall WhatsApp. Usually there are some WhatsApp files/systems that are still having problems or bugs so they can’t be opened.

5. Restart HP

Restart Smartphone

Restart Smartphone

The last way is to restart the HP. When many applications are running and you don’t close them. That can cause your cellphone to slow down and when you open other applications you have problems.

Like WA can’t be opened. Therefore, you can restart the cellphone so that all applications that you have open are closed.

How about you guys, it’s not easy to solve WhatsApp can’t be opened. If you have criticism/suggestions, you can give them in the comments column yes…

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