How to overcome the import error (the topic could not be imported) in the topic switcher

This tutorial is for friends who are still confused about why the import failed (Import files) in the subject changer. There are 2 reasons why it can fail import, here is a guide:

If the theme file cannot be found in the archive file, please notify the author of this theme

If at the time import the subject has a message like the one above, cannot find topic file then it has been confirmed that the subject is you import it is the wrong format name or extension. If you doSelf-loading In the newest Inwepo theme, Inwepo usually indicates the name of the theme with a number. for example

If the name of the subject is you download converted to please rename it to

Download the official line design

Download the Line Creator theme

How to rename the extension / format of the topic using the Es File Explorer

1. Download use ES File Explorer.

2. Run the ES File Explorer application.

3. Enter the menu Home page – select device – download (the folder where you saved the theme)

4. Then select the topic you want to rename, touch and hold the topic file until a check mark appears, then select I menu to downloadrename. Change the ending of the .zip name to any number, for example .2 and ok.

see Screenshots under.

If you have rename The name is, so please try themefile.2 again import again via the topic changer application. Done hope it helps.

How to rename the theme extension / format using root explorer

1. Download use Researcher

2. Run the Root Explorer application.

3. Go to the folder download (the folder where you saved the theme).

4. Touch the box to highlight the theme file you want to download rename.

5. Then tap Menu: in the lower right corner – select Rename.

6. Change the design file suffix from .zip to any number. Example: so themefile.63 then ok.

If so, try importing again using the Theme Switcher application. Good luck done.

Cannot find theme.json and image folder in the theme file. Please notify the author of this topic

If at the time import the subject has a message like the one above, can’t find theme.json then it was confirmed that the theme file you import Is it wrong or is the result topic? download incomplete, please check the theme file in import and if the size of the topic is less than 100 KB, it is sure that the topic is incomplete. You’re welcome download Reset with the browsers Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Because the average theme size is over 400kb.

Note: sometimes there are people who rename the topic incorrectly, e.g. B. Renaming in the file theme.json.

theme.json is the content of the extracted theme (we cannot extract the theme). Please understand that you are renaming it in the main file “”, not in the file, which contains theme.json

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