How to Overcome Tapped SMS and How to Overcome Tapped SMS

Hello smart friends, now tapping SMS is even easier. Because, there is a trick how to intercept other people’s SMS without being caught Well, usually many don’t know, how to find out which SMS has been intercepted.

In addition, some people also don’t know how to deal with bugged SMS. But don’t worry, guys, there are ways to find out what SMS was bugged and how to fix it. Curious? Come on, just take a look, guys.

Here’s How To Know Our SMS Is Tapped by Others

Now! This time will review how to find out if an SMS has been intercepted. So, watch carefully, guys!

1. The Incoming SMS Has Been Read Even If You Haven’t Read It

Incoming SMS Read

The first way to find out if an SMS is bugged or not is to see if the incoming SMS has been read or not.

If the incoming SMS has been read or opened, it means that someone has opened and read it. Even though you haven’t read the SMS at all.

Usually, the person uses the mobile phone tapping application remotely, to view incoming and outgoing SMS. So, pay attention to your SMS inbox, guys!

2. HP Battery Wastes Faster

HP Battery Wastes Fast

The second way to find out that our SMS has been tapped by someone else is that the HP battery drains faster. One of the causes of the battery draining quickly is because there are applications installed and running in the background of the cellphone.

Because, it could be that the perpetrator hides the application on the cellphone. So, you don’t know if there are other applications running in the background of your cellphone and making your cellphone battery more wasteful than usual.

Well, you can find out the characteristics of a leaking HP battery. If so, calm down! You can fix a leaking cellphone battery by deleting some applications that are no longer needed.

3. Your Credit and Quota Run Out Faster

Out of Quota SMS

Out of Quota Warning SMS

The third way to find out if your SMS has been intercepted is that your credit and quota will run out faster. Almost the same as the previous point. If you feel you don’t spend too much time surfing the internet, this is suspect.

Because, the perpetrator has installed an SMS tapping application on your cellphone secretly. Then, the application has used up credit and even internet quota.

Well, try to check the quota of all operators first. If it runs out quickly, not because of the SMS tapping application, you can follow the tips for saving internet quota.

Meanwhile, for pulses, you can overcome the pulses that are sucked in by yourself by deactivating the services you have registered.

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Here’s How to Overcome Tapped SMS

Now! The following will provide a way to stop intercepted SMS. So, watch carefully, guys!

1. How to Overcome Tapped SMS Using the Message Application with the Secret Chat Feature

Telegram App

Telegram Secret Chat App

The way to overcome the first intercepted SMS is to use a messaging application with the Secret Chat feature. One of the messaging or chatting applications with the Secret Chat feature is Telegram.

Why should you use the chat application? Because, this feature is only the recipient and sender who can find out the contents of incoming and outgoing messages or chats.

In fact, Telegram developers also do not know the contents of incoming and outgoing messages from the Telegram application. Because, it has been encrypted by the Telegram application.

2. How to Stop Tapped SMS Using the ‘Anti Spy Mobile Free’ Application

Anti Spy Mobile Free – Anti Spy App

The second way to stop tapping SMS is to use the Anti Spy Mobile Free application. This application is able to detect hidden applications on your cellphone, guys.

Well, through this anti-tapping application, you can immediately delete suspicious applications. So, it’s easier for you to stop eavesdropping on SMS.

Well, here’s how to stop tapping SMS on a cellphone using the Anti Spy Mobile Free application:

Anti Spy Mobile Free

Anti Spy Mobile Application Free

  • Second, after that run the application > Then tap knob ‘OK‘ and wait for the application scanning process.

Scan Tapping Applications on Anti Spy Mobile Free

  • Third, if there is a suspicious application, a notification will appear like the following image > Then you tap knob ‘OK’ > Then a suspicious application will appear.

Installed Spy App Notification

  • Fourth, after the SMS tapping application appears, you tap on the app > Then tap knob ‘Uninstall‘.

Select Uninstall

3. Immediately Factory Reset On HP

Hard Reset

The third way to stop tapping SMS is to do a factory reset or hard reset HP. If the anti-tapping application is not able to detect hidden or suspicious applications.

The factory reset method is one of the last resorts. Because, in this way, all data and even installed applications will be erased all the way to the root.

Here’s how to hard reset easily:

  • First, open menu ‘Arrangement> Then tapAdditional Settings‘.

Select Additional Settings

  • Second, next tapBackup & Reset‘ > Then tapFactory Reset‘.

Select Backup & Reset

  • Third, then tapReset Phone‘ > Next tap ‘Next‘ and wait until the reset process is complete.

Select Reset Phone

Well, for those of you who don’t know how to hard reset a cellphone, you can check how to hard reset all types of cellphones. Because, by means of a hard reset the SMS tapping application will be erased all.

So, how are you smart? You already know how to find out and deal with bugged SMS or not. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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