How to Overcome PC Lag When Playing Games

Have you ever experienced PC lag when playing games? Or when playing games, your PC is often not responding? Well, your PC when playing games has a reason.

What What causes PC lag when playing games? Then how to overcome PC lag when playing games? Come on, just read this article to the end, guys!

Causes and How to Overcome PC Lag

Well, not only discussing how to overcome PC lag when playing games, I will also tell you things that can cause your PC to lag.

1. Many Programs Run in the Background

Many Programs Running in the Background

Many Programs Running in the Background

One of the reasons why your PC lags when playing games is because many programs are running in the background. For example, you are playing a game, then at the same time you are also watching YouTube in the browser.

If your PC specs are mediocre, it could be the thing that causes your PC to lag when playing games. The more background programs you have open, the more your PC will lag.

Then how to solve it? So the way to overcome this is to close all running programs if you want to play games.

Just focus on the games you play, that way your gaming experience will be smoother.

2. Drivers are still old

Haven't Update Driver

Haven’t Update Driver

Driver is a very important program. Computer drivers are software that controls every hardware installed on your PC, so that every hardware installed on your PC will be interconnected with the Operating System on your PC.

Usually when we just buy a PC or reinstall a PC, the first step we have to do is to update the PC driver.

Of course updating drivers is also very influential when playing games. Sometimes if we haven’t updated the driver, there are some games that can’t run normally.

Well, the solution is to update your PC Driver. One way I recommend is to use IObit Driver Booster.

Use Driver Booster

Use Driver Booster

This IObit Driver Booster software can detect which drivers have not been updated. Then you can directly update the driver through this IObit Driver Booster software.

Driver Updates

Driver Updates

Cool again, this software can be used to test the microphone and can also test the webcam if you want to live stream or record gameplay.

Well, if you use a headset and you don’t hear any sound, this IObit Driver Booster can fix it right away.



Not only that, IOBit Driver Booster can also fix problems from error devices.

3. Insufficient PC Specifications

Insufficient PC Specifications

Insufficient PC Specifications

Well, this is certainly one of the main factors for your PC to lag when playing games. Inadequate PC specifications can certainly make your gaming experience hampered.

Especially if you have mediocre PC specifications, but want to play heavy games. Duh, it’s definitely going to lag.

So to overcome this, you have to upgrade your PC specifications. Starting from replacing the HDD / SSD, to upgrading RAM. It’s guaranteed that after upgrading PC specifications, you can play heavy games smoothly.

4. Many Applications Installed

Many Apps Installed

Many Apps Installed

Many programs installed on your PC can also cause your PC to lag when playing games. Because more and more software is installed, of course it will take up quite a lot of memory.

Well, the solution to overcome this is to remove or uninstall programs that are no longer used on your PC.

5. Unstable Connection

Unstable Connection

Unstable Connection

The specifications are adequate, the drivers have been updated, but why does playing online games still lag?

Well, I will ask, is the connection you use to play online games is stable? Because if not, then that’s the problem.

Especially because you play online games, a stable connection is the key.

So the solution to overcome the slow connection is to check whether the connection used is stable or not. Besides that, you can also take advantage of IObit Driver Booster to detect the presence of a problematic connection device.

Fix Connection Problem

Fix Connection Problem

After detecting a problem with your connection device, IObit Driver Booster can also help solve it quickly and easily.

The final word

Those are some ways to overcome PC lag when playing games. How? Have you checked and tried? If it works, write it in the comments column yes!

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