How to overcome network problems with the latest Mobile Legends 2022

Here’s how to solve your network problems with the latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in 2022: Mobile Legends is one of the Moba genre games that you can play online anytime, anywhere.

Of course, to fall into the online game type category, you need data or a stable internet connection to play this one game.

This is all done to avoid experiencing network issues, lags, corruptions, crashes, etc. when playing Mobile Legends games.

But what if I’m playing Mobile Legends and I’m already using a stable network and I’m having trouble or pinging up or down?

Here SPINEsports provides a way to overcome this, based on our experience and Instagram followers.


But before that, you first need to know what causes it.

This problem is usually caused by signal interference in your area.

This interference can occur when the lights in your area go out (power outage), but it can happen at any time.

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In addition, too many impressive graphics can cause reduced pings.

In other words, if your phone has standard specifications and you lock the setting to the right, the image may be corrupted and the ping may fluctuate up and down.

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Legendary mobile network issues

The last one is interference from Mobile Legends. This happens when you play Mobile Legends with MCL.

If you have an MCL that forces you to play in a ranking or classic, there is definitely a lag because the server takes precedence over the MCL.

How to Overcome Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Then how do you do it? There are two methods.

Lowest graphic settings

This is done so that the Mobile Legends application runs lightly on your smartphone and avoids delays, rising pings, and so on.

Do not force high graphics (right justified) when your smartphone is hot, does not meet specifications, or has a bad signal.

Turn on Wi-Fi + data features in Mobile Legends

Finally, the most effective way is to turn on the Wi-Fi + data feature in your Mobile Legends application.

After using this feature, it is guaranteed that there will be no lag when playing Mobile Legends, as long as the wifi signal and data are not very problematic.

These are some ways to solve Mobile Legends: Bang Bang network problems and their causes!

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