How to Overcome Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Data Download!

Mobile Legends games, like other games, still have bugs such as lost download data for no reason.

Of course, this is very disturbing to players, as users who previously wanted to play smoothly were interrupted due to a bug.

One of the most annoying bugs for players is the loss of data download notifications in MLBB games.

This is usually because the player switches between applications while downloading data in a Mobile Legends game.

So when I reopen the MLBB application, the download notification suddenly disappears out of nowhere.

Although all the data in the Mobile Legends game is very important as it is related to download notifications.

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Mobile Legends Data Download

If the data download notification does not exist and does not come back, the player will not automatically be able to see the heroes, hero skins, etc. in the match.

Of course, this greatly hinders the enjoyment of playing. We offer a special solution in this regard.

Delete all mobile legend data

There are only two solutions. First, remove all Mobile Legends data from the application, then reopen the Mobile Legends application and leave it there for the download. Do not switch to any application.

Report to customer service

The second way is to report to Mobile Legends Customer Service. This icon is in the upper left corner of your Mobile Legends profile picture.

You can see the full way below!

These are two ways to resolve Mobile Legends data downloads that cause errors or disappear for no reason.

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