How to overcome forgotten BIOS password on laptop

Assigning a password in the BIOS is very important, one of them should be avoided attacking as well as abuse by irresponsible hands other than the admin. password You can mount the BIOS during the process Boots is running and you can press F2 on keyboard your laptop.

But what if you forget password BIOS that you created? You must be dizzy and confused. Almost all Windows users reset the CMOS battery and can even reinstall the operating system. Don’t get confused, this time the author gives you a way so that you can remember the forgotten password earlier and even change it to password that you remember Curious? Check out how to overcome a forgotten password in BIOS.

How to overcome forgotten BIOS password on laptop

1. Enter your BIOS by pressing the key F2 At keyboard. If you can’t use the F2 key, you can press the key F10 or Extinguish to get into the BIOS as all types of laptops are different. Of course, after you hit the button you will find an indicator to give password BIOS.

2. If you are with. forget password what you’re doing, you’re sure to find a notification System deactivated (code) or System locked (code). The notification is password what you typed is wrong after typing 3 or even 4 times.

When you find the view System deactivated and System locked Make a note of the code along with the code listed, because the code can be your helper with it password what you forget can come back, you remember and you can change it back.

3. Make a note of the invalid BIOS code, then visit the following address, At this address you will find views Enter your code. Enter the invalid BIOS code, then click Received password.

After you click Received password, the display shows the machine number of your laptop and the CMOS number of your laptop. Here the author uses the password that is on the Fujitsu-Siemens with code 42200665.

4. Next we do reset Password BIOS. Press enter and back F2 or F10 and Extinguish. When the BIOS display wants to ask Passwords, Please fill in password that you got from the website.

After filling in, the BIOS screen appears and returns to normal. Just keep in mind that the password you used is still embedded. to reset Password BIOS goes blank (unknown / standard) You need to enter in the section Set the administrator password. In this view, please fill in and reset Password that you got from the website.

To reset Password, visible display Change was saved. Well the notification is on password Your BIOS has been reset and the BIOS successfully runs normally and returns Originally without password.

This is a tutorial on how to overcome forgetting password BIOS on laptops. Hope it’s useful.

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