How to Overcome Copyrighted Instagram Videos

To date, Instagram is one of the most popular free photo and video sharing applications, with the number of users reaching 700 million worldwide in 2022.

Currently if you oftenUpload Videos on Instagram with background famous band music is usually revealed Copyright ©, then the video will Abort. Because currently Instagram has installed automatic music detection that can prevent you from downloading music.Upload Videos that contain copyrighted music.

It feels like something is missing when you make a video album of our trip but don’t have it background we want the music to sound more colorful :).

To overcome this, we can take some simple steps so that our videos can be published on our Instagram account. Here is the guide:

1. Prepare a finished videoUpload with background famous band music.

2. Upload Video as usual in the menu Upload Photo, wait for the process Upload done.

3. Enter the menu Love symbol, a message will come later “Your video has been removed because it may contain copyrighted content that belongs to someone else.” Tap To write “See what’s wrong”.

4. Then tap the text “Appeal.”

5. In the last step you will see a message “To repost your video, please agree blah blah”. Tick “I agree” and input electronic signature your Instagram name Tap tbutton Appeal When you are done with that.

6. Wait a moment, the result is that the video uploaded successfully.Upload on your Instagram account.

Done, good luck

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