How To Overcome Aw Snap and Untilited in Google Chrome

Google Chrome actually has become Browser which is often used for surfing the Internet. Its simple functions and appearance make Chrome the standard on many computers and laptops.

Chrome is small in size, so it doesn’t take up a lot of RAM space. Then the advantages are in detecting dangerous websites such as Fraud (Fraud) and Spam be an advantage.

In addition, Google Chrome is rated as Browser safe against virus attacks. However, it’s so safe that Chrome sometimes becomes unusable when a computer or laptop is infected with a virus.

That’s one of the reasons Google Chrome is experiencing “Aw Snap” or “Untilited”. In this case, Chrome can no longer be used. Even if it can contain some important passwords.

The best way is to scan a computer or laptop with a professional level that is usually paid for. But there is another easy way and you can do it yourself, here is how.

1. Right click At Google Chrome icon, then choose Properties.

2. On the menu connections pillar target, after the quotation marks and spaces, add the code -no sandpit. Then click OK.

3. Open your Chrome and start rummage.

This method is not the best because by turning it off Sandpit means Browser vulnerable to malicious websites. For it, if you have time for it to scan alone or on the spot service Computer. So hopefully useful.

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