How to overcome audio delays in Adobe Premiere CC

Adobe Premiere is Editing software most abandoned and asked for by editors or producers in film production. software made by Adobe is popular with beginners and professionals in the field Video editing Even Color correction on a video to be edited.

As an editor, the writer also has a sense of joy and sorrow in using it software In this case, too, there are many obstacles to overcome, especially if this program has problems crash. Often times, this problem occurs because of software or our PC experienced Overload through overtime or frequent use of programs to work on projects for us or clients that are very crowded, causing the programs we use to experience underperformance from being used too routinely or being asked to stay on late to a project to create. What writers often experience is Audio delay when creating videos.

Audio delay Get results audio the video after exporting to MP4 does not match the duration of the video, the video results are messy, so the author will discuss how to solve the problem Audio delay.

Here the author uses the software Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 (ONLY APPLY FOR ADOBE CC AND ABOVE, NOT FOR ADOBE CS)


The first step :

1. First, open the Adobe Premiere Pro software.

2. Sign in to Menu bar Edit – Preferences – Media.

3. Choose Empty / clean media cache.

4. After that export Videos in Adobe Premiere.

Is the Above Method Effective? if POWERFUL, means we just have to delete Cache in Adobe Premiere. Problems like this usually arise because you exported video from Adobe Premiere multiple times. if NOT POWERFUL, try the second method.

Second step:

1. In the beginning you are Search Show or hide file extension in the control panel.

2. Deactivate ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ which makes the name change easier for us Type the file.

3. After that, you must have exported the video from Adobe Premiere.

4. Right click and rename Filename. Change the previous file format (previously the author exported to .mp4) to .mov

This problem often occurs because there is a standard Adobe Premiere CC if you have been using it for a long time software almost continuously, the author had this problem after the author did it export routinely. Hence the most important key as an editor Videography or a film producer has to have strong faith and patience because we don’t know what is going to happen or when we are in the process phase of a project. Hope it’s useful.

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