How to overcome accidental likes of photos and videos on Instagram

Instagram is an application for sharing photos and Videos. With this application, users can also to like and comments on photos uploaded by others. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media outlets for sharing photos over the past few years. In addition to this, Instagram is also one of the most widely used social media to promote your business or business.

Lots of people create some creative content that the audience will enjoy so that each post gets a lot to like. To like The amount received is directly proportional to the number of followers on an Instagram account. But quite a few people make unintentional unwanted mistakes, often accidentallyto like Photo or Videos Other people’s uploads.

This accident usually also happens when checking for photo updates /Videos Ex and accidentally too to like so that it will appear in the cell phone notification which will result in getting caught. For that, the author would like to give a tutorial on how to solve it, here is the tutorial:

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How to overcome accidental photo and video likes on Instagram

1. Open Browser safari – visit the official website Tweak box in www.tweakboxapp.comTap Download apps.

2. Tap To install – Input PasscodeTap To install.

3. Open the app Tweak box – Select APPS – Select Optimized apps.

4. Search 1 Instagram rocketTap To install – a message appears, Tap To install again.

Wait a moment for the application to finish installing 1 Instagramrocket done.

5. Open Instagram go to profile Instagram She – Tap Symbol… (three dots) in the upper right corner – select rocketSelect Feed options – scroll down to the menu Improvements – activate like tapping button & Double-tap to like.

6. Back to Instagram timeline, Try to like Photo or Videos. there you will get a confirmation warning whether this is really what you wantto like Photo or Videos It or not.

How To Overcome Photo Likes & Videos randomly on Instagram, hopefully useful.

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