How to Overcome a Cellphone that Can’t be Charged Easily

Besides the battery is leaking, surely another problem that usually attacks your cellphone is that it can’t be charged (charger). Then how to deal with HP that can’t be charged? Relax, this time I will discuss the problem.

A cellphone that is used too often, especially for playing games, will definitely run out of battery quickly. Even if the cellphone you are using has a large battery capacity, of course it will still run out if you are overusing it.

But before discussing how to deal with a cellphone that can’t be charged, do you know what causes your cellphone to not be charged?

What Causes HP Can’t be Charged?

Of course, there are several reasons why your smartphone can’t be charged, what are you doing?

1. Broken USB Port

Broken USB Port

Broken USB Port

The first cause that makes your smartphone unable to be charged is a damaged USB port. If the USB port is damaged, don’t expect the smartphone to charge.

2. Charger Broken

Broken Charger

Broken Charger

Well, of course if you use a cellphone charger that is in a damaged condition, don’t be surprised if your cellphone battery won’t be charged.

So before charging, try to check whether the charger used is in good condition or is damaged.

Pay attention to the USB cable or adapter that is used, if it is damaged, you should replace it with a new one.

3. Different Voltage

Different Voltage

Different Voltage

If your smartphone has a charger voltage of 2 Ampere, while the charger you use only delivers 1 Ampere of power, then don’t be surprised if your cellphone battery is not charged.

The solution is to use a charger that has the right amperage for your smartphone, or higher.

Those are some things that can be the cause of your HP not being able to charge. Then to fix it you can check this.

Here’s How To Overcome HP That Can’t Be Charged

There are several ways to deal with HP that cannot be charged, you can follow one of the following methods:

1. Check USB Port

Check USB Port

Check USB Port

The way to deal with a cellphone that can’t be charged is to check the USB port of your smartphone, guys.

HP that cannot be charged can also be caused by USB port damaged or dirty due to the accumulation of a large amount of dust that has accumulated.

If your USB port is damaged, try to fix it or you can just go to the place service center. If your USB port is dirty, clean it by blowing.

Do not plug the USB port with other items such as wires, sticks, or other things that can actually make the USB port worse.

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2. Restart Smartphone

Restart HP

Restart HP

The way to deal with HP that can’t be charged next is to restart it.

It could be that your cellphone doesn’t want to be charged due to cache RAM that pile up. Therefore you have to do restart to clean cache that accumulate.

Or maybe there are other things that interfere with your cellphone in the charging process, so that only by restarting the smartphone, the problem can only be solved.

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3. Check the Charger Adapter

Check Charger Adapter

Check Adapter

Sometimes if you use a charger that is not the default from the smartphone, it will result in not wanting to charge the battery. Maybe it happened because the adapter from the charger is not suitable for your smartphone.

Therefore, you should use an adapter from the default charger smartphone you. In addition, you can also change to a charger adapter with a higher amperage.

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4. Turn off Smartphone

Turn off Smartphone

Turn off Smartphone

Playing a smartphone while charging can also have a bad effect, guys. In addition to your smartphone battery leaking quickly, the USB port can also be damaged due to movements when playing.

Then you should turn off the smartphone while charging. Besides being faster in charging, you can also reduce bad problems that can happen to your smartphone.

Remember guys! Don’t play with your smartphone when it’s in a charging position.

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5. Check Resources

Check Resources

Check Resources

The way to deal with HP that cannot be charged next is to check the power source that will be used.

If the resource is lower than the number listed on the adapter, then it is certain that your smartphone will take a long time to charge or even not be able to charge.

In addition, charging cellphones with low resources can make smartphone batteries quickly damaged. Therefore, avoid charging in any place, such as via email PC.

Because in addition to being dangerous, charging your cellphone on a PC can also reduce battery life, guys.

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6. Check the Charger Cable

Check Charger Cable

Check Charger Cable

If you are using a fake charger cable, that could be the cause of the problem. Maybe the cable is not suitable when used for your cellphone. Then you should use the original charger cable.

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7. Use a Desktop Charger

Use Desktop Charger

Use Desktop Charger

If you have used the method above but haven’t been able to, then you should use charger desktop.

This charger can only be used for smartphones that have a battery removableyes. Oh yes, you need to know, this method can also make your battery damaged faster, guys.

The final word

Well, that’s the cause and how to deal with a cellphone that can’t be charged. How? It’s really easy, so try to always take care of your smartphone.

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