How to organize bookmark files in Google Chrome

Google is a search engine (Search engines) which is very popular in the world. Almost all internet users in different parts of the world use Google applications as their internet applications. The main reason for Google’s popularity is the ease of access and the features that it offers to its users. In addition, functions and applications that are still in the range of Google can also be properly synchronized.

Sometimes when we surf the internet, be it with Google or other web browsers. We often find that there are website addresses that interest us or that we will need in the future. So that we want to save the web address, or in this case known as bookmark Page. But sometimes when we’ve bookmarked a lot of pages, the existing bookmarks menu with the bookmarked links gets pretty cluttered. One way to clean up files bookmark ie by creating a folder. This time the author will provide a tutorial on cleaning up files bookmark in the Google web browser using folders. The steps are as follows:


1. Open the website that you want to bookmark. Then click on the star logo in the upper right corner (the author gives an example of the desire to bookmark the inwepo web).

2. After the Edit Bookmarks dialog box appears, select the menu “more”.

3. In the next dialog box, choose new folders.

4. Enter the name of the folder you want to create (here the author gives the name of the online web folder as an example). When you click to save.

5. Done. The bookmarked web address will go straight to the folder.

This is the tutorial on cleaning up files bookmark in the Google web browser. The folder can also be created thematically. For example, a folder named “news” that contains the web addresses of online news media. Or it could be the name of the Entertainment folder, which contains links for downloading movies and games. This folder will certainly make it easier for us to find links to web addresses that we want to reopen. Hope it’s useful.

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