How to Open Two Applications Simultaneously On Oppo F9 Easy

How to Open Two Apps at the Same Time on OPPO F9 — On this occasion we will take advantage of the split screen feature or open 2 applications simultaneously on the OPPO F9. So you don’t have to close one app to open the next. However, not all applications support this feature. Therefore, you should pay attention to the tutorial that we will convey below. How to Split Screen OPPO F9 is not difficult. As long as you read carefully the article from us then you can do it. Read also: OPPO F9 Camera Settings for More Focus.

How to Open Two Apps at the Same Time on OPPO F How to Open Two Apps at the Same Time on OPPO F9 Easy

OPPO F9 comes with really great features. One of these features is the Split Screen feature. Opening two applications at the same time is not a problem. So this is a hidden feature of OPPO F9 that you need to try. Remembering, sometimes we want to open WhatsApp together by viewing Youtube videos. Therefore, we highly recommend how to open two applications at the same time on the OPPO F9. Certainly a wide enough screen display will not create an extreme difference when opening both applications together.

How to Open Two Apps at the Same Time on OPPO F9

OPPO F9 allows each user to divide the screen into two parts to run 2 applications at the same time. So with the Split Screen feature for applications on OPPO F9, you can adjust the screen according to your needs. Below we will tell you step by step using a split screen on the OPPO F9. Read also: How to Show OPPO F9 Writing on Camera.

Steps on how to open 2 applications at the same time on OPPO F9

The steps for opening two applications at once on the OPPO F9 are as follows.

Step 1: Go to Settings > App Split – Screen > Enable App Split Screen on your OPPO F9.

Step 2: Once this feature is active, just go back to the home screen and try running the Youtube app from your open Recent App.

If you want to open the app, just touch it and remove the thumbnail from the list. You can also slide it left and right of your OPPO F9 screen. The location of this button is on the left side of your cellphone in the form of a small rectangle. You can also change the navigation buttons to your liking.

Step 3: Now open another app for example WhatsApp on your OPPO F9. So this way this application will open on the side of the divided screen, precisely in the empty space so that it adjusts itself. To change the size of the application window then use the three horizontal buttons there.

That’s our clarification regarding how to open two apps at the same time on OPPO F9. Hopefully this is useful for you. Read also: How to Update Android 9.0 Pie on OPPO F9.

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