How to Open the Back Case and Change the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (Mi A2 Lite) Battery

Hello Elppaster, this time we want to share a guide on how to open the back case and change the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (Mi A2 Lite) battery.

This article is for those of you who want to see the innards of this phone, for those of you who want to open the back case of the Mi A2 Lite, and also for those who want to replace the battery because it has dropped, the battery is wasteful, bloated, or other battery problems.

Previously, it was necessary to prepare a tool kit and also a replacement battery for those who wanted to replace the battery.

Necessary tools to disassemble Mi A2 Lite:

The screwdriver tools kit can be purchased at or

Original Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (Mi A2 Lite) battery specifications:

  • Type: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
  • Model: BN47
  • Charging Voltage Limit: 4.40VDC
  • Rated Capacity: 3900mAh 15.0/15.4Wh(min/typ) 3900/4000mAh(min/typ)
  • Rated Voltage: 3.85VDC

Where to buy original Xiaomi batteries? Please ask the Mi Store or Xiaomi Service Center, whether they sell batteries or not, I don’t know. Prioritize if you replace the battery, look for the original.

KW or OEM ones are mostly sold at HP spare parts stores or online stores. It is recommended that you don’t buy the KW one because the capacity does not match so the battery runs out quickly. At least buy OEM brands such as Hippo, Vizz, Rikkipanda, and the like. Do not be tempted by cheap prices.

How to Open the Back Case of Redmi 6 Pro (Mi A2 Lite)

As usual, the first thing to do is turn off the smartphone. Then remove the SIM card tray using the SIM card ejector which is generally given in the sales package.

After that, pry at the bottom corner between the LCD and the back body to open the backcover hooks on the body.

Swipe through the chapters until all the hooks are released, and the back case will open. Be careful there is a flexible fingerprint cable from the back casing that is connected to the mainboard.

Pry the fingerprint sensor connector using a spudger..

After that, the rear casing can be separated from the body.

Continue to the next tutorial if you want to change the battery..

How to Replace the Redmi 6 Pro (Mi A2 Lite) Battery

The battery is visible when the backcover is opened. However, the battery connector is protected by an iron plate or bracket, and the original built-in battery is also glued with special glue.

Open the bracket by removing 3 screws / bolts using a screwdriver plus a scale of about 1.5mm or 2.0mm..

Once the screws are removed, you can lift the bracket using tweezers. Then pry the battery connector using a spudger.

Next, just remove the 2 pieces of battery adhesive that have a pull-tab at the bottom. Pull and roll flat and straight adhesive using tweezers .. Do not break in the middle of the road..

After the two adhesives are removed, the battery will be easy to take. Please replace the battery with a new one. Don’t forget to test the flame before installing everything, to make sure the new battery is functioning normally.

For more details, please watch the video how to change the following Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro battery:

Source: Wit Rigs.

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