How to open someone’s WhatsApp on our Android phone

In order to open someone’s WhatsApp through our cell phones, we actually don’t have to bother to study high level computer science, as long as we know the tricks, we can use all possible ways. Anyone can do this method without basic Computer science.

We can use this method to open WhatsApp to see our friends, boyfriend, husband, wife or children so we can see every message Chat-his. Here is the guide:

This tutorial is only for Android users

1. Download WhatsWeb app on Google Play.

Download WhatsWeb from the Playstore

(After activating this WhatsApp web, delete the notification that appears on the victim’s mobile phone.)

(Open via PC / browser on your mobile phone with desktop settings)

2. Run the WhatsWeb application.

3. Next will be seen Barcodes WhatsWeb on your Android.

4. Prepare next WL Android people (boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives or children) please borrow them in different ways and for different reasons so that people do not know that WhatsApp wants to be opened from other phones.

5. Then open the WhatsApp application WL that person, go to Settings – WhatsApp Web. You’re welcome scan Barcodes WhatsWeb for Whatscan, that’s at WL She.

6. If you already have Scan barcodeIt is in WL you automatically unlock everything Chat from the person’s WhatsApp. Complete.

This technology actually only uses the functions of WhatsApp Web, which can be opened and accessed via a computer browser.

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