How to open blocked TikTok apps (Android & iOS)

TikTok is a short social video application most of which are Indonesian users, especially young people or teenagers.

TikTok is currently going viral due to the behavior of teenagers who enjoy making high-profile videos. Currently, Kominfo’s TikTok application has been blocked because the content of the video violates many government guidelines.

Most of the creators of TikTok make videos with funny videos and videos of teenagers dancing.

For those of you who want to access or open the blocked Tiktok application, do the following:

This method can be used for both Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) users.


1. Look for a VPN app that supports unlimited and it is available for free from the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). There are many free VPN applications on the Play Store / AppStore, please look for a VPN application that is unlimited and free.

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2. In this tutorial with the application Hello VPN, You’re welcome Free download in the Android Play Store and in the iPhone iOS App Store.

Alternative VPN unlimited Solo VPN Android

Run the app Hola VPN – I HAVE IT – NEXT.

3. Next Tap/Select app Tick ​​tockChoose a VPN country Would like to use – OPEN MINDED.

Remarks: Change the VPN country if it feels slow or slow opening TikTok, for example to the UK, Canada or other countries.

4. Next comes a message Pop upConnection requests“, Tap OK. wait a moment later the TikTok application will open automatically. You can now access the TikTok application again.

Done, how to unlock the TikTok application.

Additional information:

If the VPN application you are using feels slow, please try other VPN applications available for free on the Play Store or Appstore, such as VPNGate, VyprVPN, etc.

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