How to open blocked sites with Google Translate

Google is a search engine page or Search engine whose function is to find the information you want on the Internet, Google is not just an ordinary website, but Google LLC is an American multinational company specializing in Internet services and products. These products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising.

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Google translator function

In addition to translating languages, we can also use Google Translate as a service Deputy or it can also be used as a tool to access certain websites that are blocked from Internet provider us so that you don’t have to install any extensions or applications on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

There are so many free services from Google, one of the simple but very helpful Youtube services for all users all over the world, namely Google Translate, this service can make it easier for us to find out what foreign languages ​​are being translated into Indonesian, also vice versa, Google -Services. Translation is the second most widely used service after Google’s search engine service, and it is usually used by professionals traveler who go abroad but do not understand the language of this country.

How to open blocked sites using Google Translate

1. First, visit the Google Translate website at

2. Then you type in the first column Url from the site you want to access, for example

3. Then wait a while until Url what is in the left column is redirected to the right column, then you click Url it’s in the right column.

4. You will automatically be redirected to the new Google Translate view and see the look and feel of the Tumblr site itself.

5. Done. How to open blocked websites using Google Translate. Hope it’s useful.

additional Information

This method can be used with a WIFI connection or Data provider everything on PC / laptop Windows, Mac, Smartphone Android and iPhone.

In the author’s experiment is the process Loading at level 4 it takes a long time, around 10-15 seconds, even though the author’s internet connection is stable, maybe this is because the google translate service is absolutely unsuitable for something like that.

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