How to open blocked sites on Android without apps

Have you ever opened a site but couldn’t open it because it was blocked by ISP (Internet provider) You Perhaps because the content on the site contains prohibited content or has been registered blacklist Ministry of Communication and Information. You are surely annoyed because you cannot use the Internet to open your favorite pages. Don’t worry because now there is a solution.

By using DNS Certainly, you can access blocked websites on Android smoothly and at full speed according to your internet speed, without additional applications such as VPN, Deputy, Web browser certain like Opera Mini or UC browser and other.

This method has been tested on the internet from various sources ISP (Internet provider) how First media, My republic, Biznet, MNC playback media and other. Would you like to know how to open blocked websites on Android without additional apps? See how below.

Attention! This method can only be used if you are using a Static IP Wi-Fi connection.

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1. Connect Smartphone Your Android to Wifi.

2. Open settings.

3.Tap or select WLAN.

4. (Xiaomi smartphones) In the connected WLAN, tap or select the right arrow key.

(More smartphones) Long press Connected WiFi, then tap or select Change network.

5. (Xiaomi smartphones) On IP settings, tap or select DHCP and choose static. Then enter At DNS 1 and enter At DNS 2, then tap or select the button OK. (See picture below)

(More smartphones) Tap or select Expanded options, At IP settings Select static. on IP address, enter the number listed. on gate, enter the number listed. on Length of the network prefix, enter the number listed. Then enter At DNS 1 and enter At DNS 2, then tap or select Save on computer or to save. (See picture below)

If you are using this DNS but cannot open the blocked site, use a different DNS.

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6. Open a blocked site, such as a site Tumblr.

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Now you can open blocked websites on Android without any additional apps. much luck

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