How to open apps directly from the lockscreen on Android

Before we go to the Home menu on Android, we are usually faced with the screen Lock screen. Where on the screen Lock screen This access to apps and touches is blocked. However, in this article, Inwepo gives tips on how to open your favorite application right from the screen Lock screen.

who does not know it Lock screen. This screen lock function is one of the functions Originally which we surely encounter every time we open the screen on Android. General view Lock screen in the form of sliders, template, as well as Passcode.

But because of the many uses Launcher or Lock screen we can add subject or message Lock screen which is a little different. Now, Lock screen itself has a function to protect Android, be it so that others cannot access it or it prevents us from accidentally calling or sending other people.

Unfortunately, Lock screen In general, most of them do not have a quick access feature in certain applications. Well, this is how you can access your favorite applications right from the screen Lock screen. You can listen right away Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials:


1. Download and To install start the first application.

2. Open the app begin Then wait for the setup process. Then tap Let’s go next. Don’t forget to grant access by tapping Allow.

3rd Tap and hold symbol and then point your finger at symbol Star.

4th Tap On one symbol plus which appears, then select the preferred application that you want to use.

5. You can also add background Wallpaper by sliding the 3 lines at the top right, then select the Select Background menu and select an image from your gallery.

This is a tutorial on how to open the application directly from Lock screen on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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