How to open 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 phone on Xiaomi

WhatsApp is a very important messaging application. Using WhatsApp makes it easier for us to send messages to friends or family. And we don’t have to bother buying credit either, because WhatsApp uses internet quotas to send messages.

A lot of people use WhatsApp because it’s easier and more convenient, and most of them just know that WhatsApp can only be used on a cell phone.

It turns out that you can have two WhatsApp applications on one cell phone at the same time, especially since most cell phones currently have two SIM cards. Having two WhatsApp applications in one mobile phone is very useful when you have more than one card on your mobile phone. So you don’t need to have two cellphones to have two WhatsApp applications.

Fortunately for you Xiaomi users, the company has made its own application duplication feature available. It seems that Xiaomi has understood what its users want. So you can use this feature to duplicate the WhatsApp application or other applications.

If you want to have two WhatsApp applications in one mobile phone right away, here are the steps you can follow.


1. Go to Settings or Settings.

2. Scroll then select Dual Apps.

3. Select WhatsApp and click the blue check mark.

4. Wait a moment, then click Turn On.

5. Please go back to the main screen and the WhatsApp application has been copied and you now have two WhatsApp applications in one mobile phone.

6. Open the new WhatsApp application and you can register as usual, click on Agree and continue.

7. Click Next and Allow.

8. Now enter the mobile number that you want to register in the second WhatsApp application.

9. If the mobile number is considered correct, click OK and wait for the confirmation SMS from WhatsApp.

10. Enter the name you want and click Next.

11. Congratulations, you have successfully created two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile phone.

This is the tutorial on how to open 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 phone on Xiaomi. Hope it’s useful.

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