How to not auto-enter WhatsApp groups

Sometimes it is annoying when a friend or someone invites us into a group on WhatsApp without permission. To work around this, there is a way that our WhatsApp account doesn’t automatically join a WhatsApp group when invited or invited by friends.

WhatsApp is one of the applications that many people like, almost every cell phone has this application. This application offers various functions ranging from chatting, creating groups, creating statuses, sending voice messages to making calls or Video calls.

WhatsApp group functions

Many people have created WhatsApp groups for work, school, or other purposes. But sometimes we are not aware that suddenly we have automatically joined the group. In fact, we do not know what the content of the group is, whether it is important or not, and who the members are, whether we know them or not.

When we want to leave the group there is a feeling of reluctance or discomfort towards the person who took us in.

Apparently WhatsApp has a feature that can prevent this from happening. Quite often there are inexperienced users who don’t know the existence or how to use the feature, or those who don’t want to join groups they don’t know. Do you want to know how to do it? Let’s look at this article.

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1. Make sure the WhatsApp you are using is updated or using the latest version. If not you can Update First.

2. Next, open the WhatsApp application and then select the three dot menu icon in the top right corner. Then go to the menu the settings or settings.

3. Select menu account or account.

4. Once in the menu Accounts, Select menu privacy what is at the top.

5. Then scroll until you see the menu groups or group and click the menu.

Now you can choose which people to add to the group. There are several ways of going from Anyone or everyone, means that anyone can invite you to the group, even if they are not in contact. my contact or My Contacts, it means that you can only add contacts you have saved to the group, and for the third option, which is My Contacts Except, you can specify who your contacts are that you cannot add to the group.

When you’ve made up your mind, choose did or done and now you will no longer be automatically added to the group.

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So, by following the method above, you can avoid getting into groups that you don’t want. If someone wants to add you to the group, a notification will also appear in the form of a link. You can accept it if you want to join the group, and you can decline it if you don’t want to join the group.

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