How to move WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

Some time ago WhatsApp had become hip, trendy, popular Subject because of its privacy policy. Well, at this point, many of you may want to switch to another application, such as Telegram. That’s what Inwepo will do this time share Way to move Chat history or Import chat from WhatsApp to Telegram.

Import WhatsApp messages

The rise of controversial issues related to WhatsApp has led its rival messaging application Telegram to make the most of the moment. Telegram apparently knows that many WA users are migrating and using the application. That’s why they released a new feature that is Import chat messages.

According to the news circulating, the feature was created because a WhatsApp user didn’t want to switch to another app because there were many Chat important information included in Mark Zuckerberg’s application. He is afraid that he will no longer be able to access important data in the chat Chat the old.

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Finally the import function was born Chat, where with this feature, users no longer have to worry about losing Chat history in the WhatsApp application. User can move Chat history it is very simple, and this function also applies to applications Chat like others KakaoTalk, LINE and so forth.

Import WhatsApp chat into Telegram

Telegram said that when the features Import chat it doesn’t just apply to Chat only personally but also Group chat. aside from that Chat history all important documents one way or another Files Photos or videos can also be moved. This function is already available for Android and iOS. It is important that you have the correct applicationUpdate or at last whether it is WhatsApp or Telegram.

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Video tutorials


1. Open story Chat WhatsApp the user you want to move. Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner, then select menu Export chat. Next, you’ll see a notification that lets you choose whether to include media or not include media.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram

2. Next you will see a direct delivery option, just select it telegram. You will be redirected to select a user’s contact on Telegram to move Chat history.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram

3. It will Pop-up notification that appears immediately select Import. Wait a moment if it is successful will be written imported with everyone Bubble chat.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram


There is an import-export function Chat This turned out to be very helpful for many users. How can you not, those of you who have important data that you want to transfer to Telegram are no longer worried, it also saves more time. Not to mention that the method is not difficult and quite easy.

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