How to Mitigate Earthquake Tragedy

Besides being rich in natural resources, Indonesia is also at risk of disasters such as earthquakes.

We still remember that there was an earthquake and tsunami in Aceh in 2004 which caused 167,000 people, both dead and missing.

Some of the factors that cause Indonesia to be at risk of tragedy are because Indonesia is located between the Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate and the Pacific Plate.

How to Mitigate Earthquake Disasters (Photo illustration)

In addition, Indonesia is also included in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is none other than the volcanic formations in the world.

So this is what causes Indonesia to be at risk of earthquake tragedies and even tsunamis when the earthquake is large.

The earthquake disaster will not be a problem when it causes an impact on humans, both damage and loss of life. For this reason, there must be something called disaster mitigation in order to be able to reduce the impact of the earthquake.

This natural disaster can happen anytime, anywhere and can happen to anyone. Even though where you live is not a location that is at risk of disaster.

But you must equip yourself with disaster mitigation insights because you might experience an earthquake when you are out of place or traveling with your family.

Main Steps for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation

There are three steps to mitigating the tragedy of an Earthquake, namely before a disaster occurs, during a tragedy and after a disaster occurs. Here is the description:

Before the Earthquake

  • Avoid building houses near the shoreline because after an earthquake a tsunami can occur
  • Provide a first aid kit and a flashlight at home. Because this is really useful when someone is injured and needs lighting at night
  • Learn the rescue path so you can identify the way to a safe location
  • Always follow the activities of disaster mitigation training at your place, so that you better understand the steps taken before, during and after a disaster occurs.
  • Build a house with earthquake-resistant materials such as a house on stilts (for more details on why a stilt house is used as an earthquake-resistant house you can see in the Meri Herlina Journal entitled Local Wisdom for Earthquake, Tsunami, Landslide and Flood Disaster Mitigation)

Did you know that the concrete house that you build is actually very vulnerable in the event of an earthquake because it is easier to collapse and can cause casualties because the material for the concrete house is really heavy and can fall on the occupants of the house.

When an Earthquake Happens

  • Do not panic: because panic will cause you to be unable to think about finding ways to avoid disaster. And don’t forget to always pray.
  • Exit the Room: If possible, you immediately get out of the room or if it is not possible you take cover under a table or couch to protect you from being crushed by building materials.
  • Don’t Use the Elevator: If you are in a building, do not use the elevator. You must use the emergency stairs
  • Stay away from Power Sources: If outdoors, avoid locations that are close to power poles, trees, or buildings that fall down easily
  • Look for open fields: Avoid trees, power poles and buildings that fall down easily
  • Stop Driving: If you are driving, stop driving immediately and get out of the car.
  • Remember 20:20:20: The 20:20:20 principle is that in the event of an earthquake lasting 20 seconds, you must evacuate within 20 minutes at an altitude of 20 meters
After the Earthquake

  • If you are still in the room, then get out as soon as possible before there are aftershocks. Make sure when you come out in a safe condition by looking up and around to determine if any items are about to fall.
  • Make sure that all your family members are safe. After that, look for notifications about earthquakes to determine if there are aftershocks or a chance for a tsunami
  • Do not personally return to the house. You better gather in the open field
  • Do not be easily convinced by information that is not certain because it will cause everyone to panic
  • Always listen to signals from related parties such as BPBD to recognize various signs that must be done

Those are some notifications about earthquake tragedy mitigation. For more information and details on how to mitigate the earthquake tragedy, you can access it through the BPBD website

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