How to Make Your Photo Background Move (Not Magic)

Have you ever looked at Instagram, there are people whopost photo with background does the photo move? Surely you will be wondering, how do you do it? is it hard to do it?

In addition to making you confused by how to make it, you are also amazed by the results. And in this article will tell you how to make background your photo is moving, that is using the application Plotagraph.

Plotagraph is an application that can make background your photo is moving. However, this app is only available on devices iOS and to get it you have to pay IDR 75,000 for one download. How about the device? Android? Eitss calm down will also provide a solution, just swipe down yaa..

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Here’s How to Make a Moving Background Photo

Well, this time will tell you how to make your photo have a moving background.

1.Open the Plotagraph Site site

First, you have to go to the site PLOTAGRAPH. On the site you will be required to register using e-mail you. After registering you have to check e-mail you to activate your account. Then you return to the site for login use e-mail which was already activated.

Create option

Second, you click the sign + to start editing. After clicking, select an option Plotagraph then select CHOOSE FILES to select the photo you want to edit. Wait until the image appears then click CREATE.

After you click create, then there will be a photo that you want edit on the page web the. To starteditan, click the icon Animated. There are three options on the icon, namely Animation Point to make a point of motion, Stabilizer/Anchor Point to create an immovable area, and Delete Point to delete the created point.

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Stabilizer/Anchor Point

Third, you choose Stabilizer/Anchor Point to select the point or area that you do not want to move. If there is a point that you want to delete, you can use Delete Point.

Animation Point

Fourth, Give the motion effect you want to move by clicking on the option Animation Point. Then you click drawn and hold and drag until an arrow appears. The short length of the arrow will affect the movement of the image.

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Property Animation Options

Fifth, to adjust the fast or slow motion of the effect on the photo, you can use the options Animation Properties.

Exporting Images

Sixth, after finishingedit click button Export in the lower right corner of the screen, then select Custom Export. You can set the type files, frames, codec and photo quality. When finished, select My Export.

Download File

For men-download result to smartphone, you have to wait a while until the option Download appear. Then you click download to download it to smartphone you. Keep in mind because this site is free, so there will be watermark Plotagraph in the lower right corner.

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Those are some tips for those of you who want toedit moving photo background. Do not forget like, comments and share this article so that you #AlwaysmoreTau

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