How to make selfie stickers on the Google keyboard Android

With the increasing number of sticker functions available in the world immediate delivery boy. Google doesn’t want to lose either, Google has embedded a function to easily create stickers with your own faces on the Google keyboard. For information on how to use it straight away, see the review below.

Along with the development of today, the development of communication tools is also becoming more and more demanding. Today instant messaging services are growing in popularity, not to mention the interesting features they offer. In the past we only communicated with words, now we can also express this with pictures or stickers.

To keep the application alive, Google doesn’t want to be left behind either. They also present a sticker function in their applications like Google Allo and also Google Keyboard. Speaking of the Google keyboard, which, by the way, is the keyboard we normally type on the keyboard with Smartphone now it cannot be used just for typing alone.

But we can also send stickers with our own face or selfie. Use stickers pack What’s in each application is simpler, but when you use stickers with your own face it is definitely different from the others. Well, instead of being curious, let’s just go to Tutorials Below is how to make stickers on Google Keyboard using selfie.

Video tutorials


1. In the first step, open the SMS application or similar to bring up the Google keyboard (make sure the Google keyboard is the latest version). then Tap the smiley face icon then choose symbol Decal.

2. Second step, Tap the plus symbol that’s in the next right corner Tap the icon Camera on your mini sticker.

3. In the third step, align the position of the face on the camera frame provided. then Tap stud Clasp Then wait a moment for the sticker making process to complete.

4. Fourth step, Tap SET menu to customize sticker shape. You can customize the shape of your face, eyes, eyebrows, accessories, and others. If it is already Tap Save on computer.

5. Try to send your sticker creations through the application Chat, the result is more or less like below.

This is a guide to creating stickers selfie on google keyboard android. Much luck.

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