How to Make Instagram BestNine

It is hard to believe that this time we are already at the end of 2022 and that 2022 will soon be the new year Hashtags #2021BestNine.

So what exactly is #2021BestNine the? So #2021BestNine is a collection of 9 of our best photos that are and are preserved on Instagram accounts to like or the most likes in 2022.

Right now, it can be said that Instagram is the best social media site, especially for young people, although there is no denying that many parents use it too. Because there are so many interesting functions and advantages that there are on Instagram.

Back to the topic of discussion about Hashtags #2021BestNine, so with BestNine we can look back on our best photos of 2022 without having to bother scroll manually down our Instagram profile and how it turns out to be very easy.

There are 2 ways we can do it BestNine on Instagram. The first is enough capital Browser that exist in Smartphone we and the second are using an application that we can download from the play store. For those who are curious and want to know how to do it, please check out the tutorial below:

I. Using the browser on Android or iOS

1. Open a browser on your smartphone such as Google Chrome or others and then visit the website

2. Then enter your Instagram ID in the column provided Tap GET button. Then your Instagram best nine will automatically be visible.

3. It is enough to share yourself scroll down until you find the button share to share on your social media. Or you can Tap was standing save as on the picture to save it in the gallery Smartphone She.

II. Using Android Apps

In fact, this method is the same as using Browser it only uses app installs.

1. To install use 2021bestnine.

2. Open the app, enter user I would Your Instagram and tap GET. Wait a moment for the application to finishto generate bestnine from your Instagram account.

It is enough to share it in the same way as above scroll down until you find the button share.

Remarks: Be careful not to lock orPrivate-Your Instagram account so that the above method can go smoothly.

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