How to make Google Chrome always incognito mode on Android

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser by internet users around the world. Both on the web and in applications, Chrome is always the first choice, because Chrome has a variety of interesting functions that can be used by its users.

One of the features of Google Chrome is the Incognito Mode feature, or better known as Incognito mode. Incognito mode is one of the privacy security features where story and Cookies Search is not known and saved. So you can freely access everything without leaving any traces.

Talk about it Incognito mode In Google Chrome, did you know that we as users can always use this mode on our Android phones? So we don’t have to bother opening Chrome when we want to access it Incognito modeit’s because Incognito mode can be activated separately.

Of course, for those of you who want to access the internet using Google Chrome on a daily basis, you should know this trick, especially if you really enjoy accessing the internet using Google Chrome. Incognito mode Chrome, certainly the trick to enabling it Incognito mode separately you should know that.


1. Please open your Android phone.

2. Make sure the Google Chrome application is installed.

3. Tap while holding the Chrome icon on your Android phone.

4. A description of the incognito tab and the new tab is displayed.

5. Tap and hold the Incognito tab, then swipe the icon connections wherever you want.

6. Done.

By using the tricks mentioned earlier, you no longer have to linger when you want to access Incognito mode in Chrome. This one trick itself can only be performed by Google Chrome as other browsers can’t yet.

This is the tutorial on how to do Google Chrome all the time Incognito mode on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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