How to make FB Messenger a reminder machine

Perhaps many of us are only familiar with FB Messenger and often only use it to send Facebook messages. Even if it’s more than that, we can now use Facebook delivery boy as a machine or a memory. Here is how.

Who doesn’t know Facebook? Yes, this social media is still popular, although there are plenty of other sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook itself also has an application that is widely used by users to communicate and send messages, which is Facebook delivery boy.

Facebook Messenger itself is said to have 800 million active users every month. Aside from sending messages between users, there are actually a lot of things we can do with this messenger. One of them plays games and also makes voice calls or Voice call.

It doesn’t stop there, it turns out that Facebook Messenger has features too bot This can be a reminder when there is an important event or activity that we are about to perform. Well, curious how to make Messenger a reminder machine? Go straight to Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials:


1. Make sure you already have FB Messenger, if not please download First. If you have just opened the Google Chrome browser, open the website and select the menu Talk to him on messenger.

2. An option will open, just select it delivery boy then you will be forwarded directly delivery boy Next, select SEND MESSAGE.

3. The first time you use it, you will usually be asked for your location to match the time zone. If not, you can send a message help then choose RESET MY TIME ZONE. Next you will be asked where you live and only answer your current residence so that the time zone is well synchronized.

4. Create a reminder right away, but make sure to write a reminder message in English. If the reminder was added successfully, there will be a response from bot and he will remind you by message delivery boy When the clock comes at the time you have to adjust. You can send a message help again to see all of the memories you created with Tap SEE MY MEMORIES.

5. You can also delete the reminders you have created with Tap CLEAR REMINDER.

This is the tutorial on how to do FB delivery boy as a memory machine. Much luck.

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