How to make cartoons on Android

Have a smartphone or Smartphone It is not enough if you do not take advantage of every advantage that lies therein. Well, here are some tips for those of you who love to edit photos on how to make cartoon photos using Android only.

Right now, many smartphones keep popping up with specifications that can be considered quite demanding. Especially on the camera. Almost the average smartphone today has specifications that are quite suitable for photography and business editing Photo.

As we almost know together Smartphone we perpetuate almost the whole moment our daily activities with camera recordings Smartphone. That makes more and more applications editing Photos that appear. No wonder the application editing In addition to social media applications such as Facebook or Instagram, photos are also very popular.

For photo enthusiasts, of course, you’re familiar with cartoon photos. Where we seem to be painting a face to be like a cartoon. But usually our head is made larger than the body in cartoon photos. Well, especially for those of you who want to make your photo look more unique and different, like a caricature, you can follow suit Tutorialsthe following.

How to make cartoons on Android

1. The first step is to download and install the MomentCam application from the Play Store.

2. In the second step, open the MomentCam application and then tap Menu Cartoons next Tap ALLOW to give the app permission to take pictures and videos.

3. Match the face on the green face pattern line provided. After tapping the camera icon, select your gender or gender.

4. Select your age group and you will be directed to the stage Edit face. Use menus Edit face below to match your face shape. If it is already Tap on Confirm.

5. Tap the symbol filter to memfilter Caricature templates that match your gender or gender.

6. Then choose a cartoon template that suits your style Tap Create Add effects editing Another. When it’s enough, tap the icon share to save results editing to your gallery.

7. You can finally get it right share Your edits straight to various social media.

How to make a cartoon on Android. Much luck.

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