How to make an inverted video on Android

Reverse video or video turning back is a video technique that plays like Flash back or reproduction. That reverse video is againtrend under Internet users at the moment.

Before that, the author had talked a little about video editing. Still about video editing, this time I’m going to give a tutorial on how to do it turning back (Reverse video) on Android using the same application, FilmoraGo. You can also combine it with the slow motion video in the previous tutorial.

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This process uses the same 2 videos, one of which has the opposite effect of the original due to editing.

Here is a tutorial on how to create reverse video on Android.

1.Download FilmoraGO app

2. When you have finished downloading, please open the application.

3. Select “Create New Video”. After that, please select the video you want to make the effect turning back his.

4. Click the “+” sign, then the video will be added to the slot on the left.

5. This time I add 2 of the same video to create a loop effect. But you can make more unique variations.

6. When you are finished, click Next to start the editing process. In the photo below, the merge makes the video 14 seconds long but is still split into 2 clips. I’ll leave the first clip and edit the second clip with an inverted effect.

7. Select clip 2, then choose EDIT TOOLS from the right menu.

8. You are now in the editing area of ​​the 2nd clip. You can also change the clip here by clicking the up or down button in the lower left. Choose the Cut Clip tool.

9. Here you can not only reverse the video, but also cut it. If you want to reverse the video counter or press the “Invert” button on the right. Then please wait until the process is complete.

10. After the process is complete, the video will automatically change to the opposite of before. When you have selected “OK” in the upper right corner. Then when you get back to the main menu, you can preview it first to make sure your video is as expected or not. If so, select Save to start exporting the video.

11. Please wait for the process to complete.

12. When the process is complete. Select the “Save to Camera Roll” button to have the video saved in your gallery (you can find the file in the DCIM folder).


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