How to make a history copy in Google Chrome

Copy is an action to copy text, an image, etc. that is in one program and paste it into another program, usually the action copy paste This is done to copy information and paste it into a Microsoft Word / PowerPoint worksheet.

plot Copy it can only save 1 copy on your PC system (both Windows and MacOS), for example if you copy text 1 and copy text 2 then only text 2 will be created when pasting. What if you need Text 1 while you lost the source of Text 1? You can take advantage of an extension from Google Chrome that has a feature to save all your copies so you can use them next time you need them. Here is the tutorial.


1. You first visit the Google Chrome Extensions website Clipboard history 2.

2. Continue by clicking the button Add to chrome to install it in Google Chrome.

3. Then you get a notification and you just click on it Add extensions.

4. If the extension is already installed, it will be displayed symbol new in the top right corner of your google chrome application, try taking action Copy as much as possible, then every word you Copy is shown in the extension.

5. Done.

This extension is perfect for those of you who are always copying and pasting different types of text on the internet. This application will only work if you are running Google Chrome, when your Google Chrome is active, whatever you are doing. Copy (text only), whether on the Internet or in apps that are not Google Chrome, will still be signed in Copy history the.

This is the tutorial on how to do it Copy history on google chrome. Much luck.

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