How to make a cartoon with PicSay

For everyone who likes it to edit photo, definitely interested in all tutorials to edit. In addition to adding knowledge, but alsoExploration with new things. For those of you who like new things, you can follow this tutorial. Why? Because new things can make you different from others when you share photo to edit you’re not like the usual just using apps immediate just beautify the face.

Then what is the cartoon? Some people will know. But for those who don’t know, let me explain a little. Okay, caricature is a result image to edit which shows that the head is bigger than the body. You can find the artist stickers on the application, for example MANAGEMENT. You can also combine this tutorial with my previous tutorial on making stickers MANAGEMENT with photos with the app PicSay.

Just follow these steps:

1. Download The PicSay application is linked below, To install and open.

Download PicSay-Android

Download PicSay iOS

2. Select the latat you want to use by touching the option New blank picture.

2. Then tap Menu effect and insertion image. Find the image you want to edit become a caricature.

3. In the next step, do the same steps with the same picture, then adjust the size of the head to the desired proportions of the caricature body. You can use options to make customization easier transparency under the picture. When you’ve gone through the process insertion you first click symbol check in the top corner.

4. Then to the process step insertion Second. You can tap the screen with two fingers to zoom in. Then use Erase tool delete some photo unnecessary deposits.

5. To add effect, You can go to the menu effect, then search effect what you need. In this tutorial, I’ll be using Posterize effect.

6. In phase effect, you can also combine one effect with effect Another.

7. When you have completed all of the steps, proceed to the final phase. To save it to the media, you can select the menu export, and then find the folder where you want to save it.

Convenient and good luck.

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