How to make a bird ID card for your pet

How to Make a Bird ID Card – Having a pet such as a bird is certainly very liked by young people to adults. Therefore, recently there has been circulating about how to make bird pet ID cards on social media.

Well, if you have a pet, then you are obliged to have an ID card, because apart from being an identification, this bird ID card is very cool if the pet bird has already won. For more information as follows:

What is a bird’s ID card that is going viral

what is bird word

So this bird ID card is actually almost the same as the ID card we have, where there is the bird’s identity such as age, gender, name, and others like a real ID card. Therefore, for those of you lovers of lovebirds or others.

I suggest to make an identity card (KTP). Because as I said earlier, this ID card is a sign of identity. If you are interested and want to make a bird ID, you can follow the steps below.

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How to make a pet bird ID card using an Android smartphone

Actually, making this bird ID is quite easy, because you only need to follow the steps that I have written down as follows:

Step One : Visit Jacky Dropbox Page

  • At first, of course, you have to visit the Jacky Dropbox page via Google Chrome or you can also click HERE
  • If you have, then there you have to fill in all the ID Card forms such as name, gender, address and so on. See the image below.

Visit Jacky's Dropbox Page

Step Two: Choose the Bird ID Card Design You Want To Use

  • If you have filled in all the ID Card Forms, then you can design the bird ID card display
  • Such as choosing blanks, stamps, letterhead borders. For more detailed information, see the following image:

Choose the Bird ID Card Design You Want To Use

Step Three: Upload Pet Bird Photos

  • After you have done everything, the next thing is that you can upload a photo of our pet bird as a profile on the kt that will be created
  • The trick is: click on file > select photo > and then print. see the following picture

Upload Pet Bird Photos

Step Four: Download the result of the ID card image that was made earlier

  • For the last step, you only need to download the ID card image that you have created.
  • The way to download is: you can press the words “view and download” if you want to save it in the gallery or you can also take a screenshot

download bird ID card

Notes: This ID card is for entertainment purposes only and you don’t need to use it like a real ID card in general. You should protect your personal data so that there are no unwanted incidents #Stay at home and make ID cards#.


Thus the discussion on this occasion about How to Make Bird ID Cards for Our Favorite Pets, hopefully the article above can be useful for those of you who have read it. Remember this is just an entertainment medium for pet birds.

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