How to Make 360 ​​Degree Photos on Android (Without 360 Degree Camera)

Hello smart friends! You know 360 degree photos? 360 degree photo is an image that displays the entire location based on a 360 degree angle or from all sides and angles.

Actually to make 360-degree photos using a special tool, namely a 360-degree camera. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have a 360 degree camera, you can use Android to create 360 ​​degree photos.

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Don’t Worry! Here’s How to Create 360 ​​Degree Photos

One way to make 360-degree photos is to use a 360-degree application, namely Google Street View.

The Google Street View application is one of the features of Google Maps. Well, just take a look at the following article carefully.

How to Create a 360 Degree Photo Using the ‘App’Google View Street’

Google View Street App

Google View Street App

  • SecondAfter that, run the application and just go ahead tap the plus icon (+) in the lower right corner > Then tapCamera‘.
Camera Google View Street

Select Camera

  • Third, Then in the dialog box you can tapOK‘ and tapOpen Camera‘ in the below section.
Google Street View Camera

Select Open Camera

  • Fourth, After that you point the smartphone Android you to take photos. Make sure the position of the circle fits the point, then the application will take a photo automatically (Photo direction from left, right, up and down).
Taking 360 degree pictures

Taking 360 Degree Photos

  • Fifth, if you’re done you go straight tap the checklist icon at the bottom center > then wait for the application process to correct the photo earlier.
360 Degree Photo

Wait for the 360 ​​Degree Photo Forming Process

  • Sixth, If the process is complete you tap ‘Select> Then select the location you want and tapPublish to Google Maps‘.
Publish 360 degree photo

Select Select

  • Seventh, After that tapPublish> then tap No‘ to save the 360 ​​degree photo earlier.
Publish 360 degree photo

Select Publish

  • Well, it’s a 360-degree photo and to see it you can open the smartphone photo gallery Android you.

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So, how are you smart? You already know how to make 360-degree photos in Android. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, guys

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