How to log into Netflix with an Indihome provider without a VPN

During a pandemic like today, we are often confused about what to do to get through the day. There’s house cleaning, gardening, To work from home(WFH) etc. One of the activities that can be done to pass the time is watching movies. Many websites offer movies that can be viewed by users. One such website is Netflix.

Netflix is a digital streaming media provider that offers film and television programs, including several programs created by Netflix. Netflix offers a variety of plans, including Basic, Standard, and Premium, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, users of the Indihome provider must be sad. Because from 2022, access to Netflix with Indihome was closed because Netflix had not complied with Indihome’s regulations.

This is very unfortunate for users. So if you want to keep using Netflix, you’ll have to use a VPN, which doesn’t necessarily match the speed and cost.

What if we could still access Netflix without using a VPN? Here are the steps:


1. Sign in to and download “freeid.bat”. The trick is to just click on gratisid.bat.

2. If so, go to and download “Goodbye” The method is the same as in the previous phase.

3. In this case, run the “bebasid.bat” file with Run as administrator.

4. Enter Y to start the system.

5. If you press any key to exit the menu.

6. Extract the “goodbyedpi” file that we have download Then run the file named “2_all.cmd” that is in the folder.

7. Wait for the process to complete and make sure this page stays open while you are still accessing Netflix.

8. Congratulations, you can access Netflix by entering “”.

Note: When you are done, don’t forget to follow steps 4 and 5, but type W to return the settings to normal. Enjoy watching.

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