How to lock Windows 8 automatically during operation

Inwepo tutorial – For those who work in front of a computer with the Windows operating system on a daily basis, sometimes we may want to leave the computer to do other activities like praying or eating and the computer is still on and still running programs like ms .office, browser or other programs. Others don’t want to be closed, signed out, or shut down

When we leave the computer, we don’t want anyone to touch it, whether it’s friends at work or relatives at home. This is how you keep our computers safe, automatically locked and the computer is still in an error state.

For Windows 8

1. First we need to create a password, first go to Settings (move the cursor to the lower right corner on the desktop)> Change PC Settings> Create Password.

2. Typically, Windows 8 requires you to automatically generate an account password at the time of initial installation, so method # 1 simply skips it

3. Go to the desktop and right click on Personalize.

4. Select Screen Saver.

5. Give him at least 1 minute and tick “On CV”. Show login screen “. Will be automatically locked if it exceeds 1 minute.

Or if you want to lock the method manually:
To go to the Windows 8 home page, click the user icon in the top right corner> Lock.

To quickly press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on the keyboard, then choose Lock.


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