How to lock the hard drive partition with a password without software

When you have private data, sometimes you also need a data storage area that only you can access. In general, people store more of their various data in hard disk PC or laptop, so you have to make special access with authentication to protect privacy password so that not everyone can access the data.

Here is a tutorial on how to protect partitions hard disk with password without Software.

Protect the hard disk partition with a password

1. Open My computer – then right click on the partition hard disk you want to protect – click afterwards Turn on Bitlocker.

2. Next you fill in password what is used in the column Enter your password and Enter the password again – then click Next.

3. Select next Save the recovery key to a file to save Files it’s on Folder what you want – click Save on computer.

4. A confirmation window for saving appears Recovery files – then click Yes sir.

5. And when a sign appears Your recovery key has been savedthen click next Next.

6. Next you click on Start encryptionAfter that, wait for the encryption process to complete.

Up to this point the process of protecting the hard drive partition is using password it is finished.

Unlock a protected hard drive partition

1. Open My computer – then double click on protected partition – enter password previously created – then click Unlock.


This is a tutorial on how to protect a hard drive partition using passwordHopefully, the tutorial in this article can help you anyone who wants to protect data by encrypting hard drive partition.

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