How to lock PDF files with a password

A PDF is a document that is almost identical to a document file with extensions .docx, but what makes this file different from a .docx file is where you can’t to edit the text, in this file you can only do block, copy, find, print, and other.

The advantage of this PDF file is that you can give this file a password so that someone cannot view or open your PDF file if they do not know the password of the PDF file.

So give password on PDF files.


1. You first access

2. Then you will see a screen like below, you click the button Choose files.

3. Then find the PDF file that you want to give password and click the button Open minded.

4. If so, you scroll down a little until you find the menu Set the password for opening the document, there you enter password you want to install in the PDF file.

– Text columns 1 & 2 = Enter password according to your wishes.

– Check all of them Check box marked in the picture below.

– Text fields 3 & 4 = Enter password various custom text fields 1 & 2.

5. If so, click the button save Changes and wait for the process.

6. Then you click on the button download to download the specified PDF file Passwords.

7. Done.

Additional information

Give password in this PDF file is different from password generally because this PDF file has 2 types password This is:

1. password to access the file.

2. password tackle copy, print, find, and other.

This is the tutorial on how to lock a PDF file with password. Hope it’s useful.

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