How to lock a wall or Facebook wall

Maybe you already know social media Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media is a very popular social media in the world, including in Indonesia. By using Facebook, it is possible for users to update their daily status.

Users can update the status in the form of text, pictures, videos and more. Facebook can be accessed on a variety of devices, from computers or laptops with a browser to Android and iOS smartphones with the Facebook application.

Facebook wall

On Facebook you can create your own profile and add your photo to show your personal identity. Apart from that, you can also add friends and talk to them. Another interesting thing you can also post or write on your wall / profile. You can say hello to them or send something else.

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However, sometimes it is very annoying in the opinion of some people. But don’t worry, you can restrict or prevent people from writing on your wall or profile in the following ways.

How to Lock Your Facebook Wall on Android. Make sure you are using the Facebook application on the Android phone and of course you need to use the latest version of the Facebook application for the features to be the same.


1. Please open the Facebook application on your Android phone and then make sure you are logged in

2. On the main Facebook page, press the three-line menu in the top right corner

How to Lock Wall or Facebook Wall on Android

3. Then scroll down and select Settings and privacy, then select Settings again

How to Lock Wall or Facebook Wall on Android

4. In the next step, find and select the Timeline and Tagging menu. This menu is at the very bottom

How to Lock Wall or Facebook Wall on Android

5. Then, on the timeline, press the Who can post on your timeline menu?

How to Lock Wall or Facebook Wall on Android

6. Next, select the Just Me option

How to Lock Wall or Facebook Wall on Android

7. until you have successfully blocked your facebook wall or wall so that nobody can post on your profile, please press back or the arrow at the top right


This is the way so that people cannot post on our facebook wall / profile by locking the wall or facebook wall. This is of course very useful if you are bothered by the people who post on your wall or profile a lot. In addition, the above steps can also help you avoid spam from Facebook accounts that you may not be aware of. Hopefully useful, thanks.

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