How to Lock a Facebook Account So People Can’t Find It

Do you want to protect the privacy of your Facebook account? Or maybe you don’t want to be bothered by someone? Come on, lock your Facebook so it can’t be browsed by other users.


Who doesn’t know what Facebook is today? Currently, Facebook is also one of the social media with the largest users and is spread all over the world. Today, Facebook is used by more than 5 billion people every day, putting Facebook above the fame of other social media. Although a lot of other social media has sprung up, Facebook is still a lot of people’s choice.

From the first release until today, Facebook has always updated and expanded its existing features for the convenience of users. Currently, data protection and security functions are increasingly tightened, because almost all users want their accounts to be secure and their privacy protected. Many users are aware of the important role of privacy.

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Indeed, data protection is something that must always be upheld, hence quite a few users who want to protect their Facebook account from unknown accounts. different ways of adding 2 Factor authentication to block their Facebook so that they cannot be accessed Keywords or searched in the search field.

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For ordinary users, many may not know how to lock their Facebook account. Well, don’t worry anymore, here’s how to lock your Facebook account so it can’t be searched.


1. Then open your Facebook app Tap 3 dashes in the upper right corner. If then several menus appear scroll select downwards Settings & data protection.

How to lock a Facebook account so people can't find it

2. Go to the section privacy then Tap Privacy settings. Go on and Tap menu Check some important settings.

How to lock a Facebook account so people can't find it

3. You can make some important settings the settings Just follow the instructions on the screen. To avoid being found, go to the rubric How people find and contact youWell, there are a few more settings that you can adjust to keep your privacy more alert.

How to lock a Facebook account so people can't find it


Block or create our account Private, can keep us from doing things that are not desirable. In addition, it is very useful when we don’t want to be bothered by someone through Facebook.

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