How to listen to WhatsApp voice memos before sending to Inwepo

As the most widely used chat application in the world, WhatsApp carefully welcomes its users with the latest features that, of course, are not owned by competing chat applications. As late as the second half of 2022, WhatsApp rolled out some of its newest features.

Voice memos

Equipped with a variety of advanced features that make communication easier for WhatsApp users. But did you know that among the many advanced features of the WhatsApp application, there are some tips that can be used while using those features. These tips are of course intended to make it easier for users to use the WhatsApp application. One of these tips is a tip for the voice memo or voice message.

Even though it is an old feature, there are still many WhatsApp users who are not familiar with the following voice memo tips. Since WhatsApp users so far only know how to use the voice memo feature by clicking and holding the microphone icon, then say the message you want to deliver and after releasing the microphone icon, the message will be sent automatically.

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But did you know there is a trick you can use to listen to the voice memo first before sending it? This trick does not require any additional application and can be practiced directly in the WhatsApp application. In addition to listening to the message, you can also delete it if it does not meet your needs.


1. Just open the WhatsApp application that is already installed on your device. Select the individual or group chat you want to send a voice note to.

How to Hear WhatsApp Voice Notes Before Sending

2. Lock the voice memo by clicking the microphone icon and dragging it up until it turns into a locked padlock icon. Deliver your voicemail. And click the back icon in the top left corner to go back to the main WhatsApp application page.

How to Hear WhatsApp Voice Notes Before Sending

3. Reopen the chat saved in the voice memo. The following are voice memos that were recorded but not sent. Click the play icon to listen to the content of the voice memo. If the content of the voice memo is appropriate, you can click the send icon.

However, if the contents of the voice memo are still missing or inappropriate, you can click the trash can icon to delete the voice memo. Complete.

How to Hear WhatsApp Voice Notes Before Sending


With just a few steps above, you can easily review the voice memos that are being sent to other people. This is of course very useful to double check whether something is wrong or missing in the voice message you are trying to deliver.

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