How to limit Youtube playback time on Android

Youtube is one of the pages or Platformer web-based that presents content with videos with a wide range of topics and is distributed in different parts of the world. The different topics or contents of the Youtube channel are very diverse and range from politics, business, gaming channels (Games), Music and other entertainment. In addition, with wide access to video content, Youtube is one of the most visited sites by people in different parts of the world.

But often when we are busy watching Youtube, sometimes we forget about the time and have spent hours and hours just looking at Youtube. This time the author gives a tip on how you can limit the use of Youtube by using the reminder. The steps are shown below.


1. Open the Youtube application on your smartphone.

2. When the main menu window opens, select your account profile.

3. Select Menu from the account profile submenu the settings.

4. In the submenu the settings, Select General.

5. Then select the submenu remind me to take a break

6. Arrange Recall frequency what is desired.

Remarks: here the author arranges reminder every 15 minutes.

7. Afterwards reminder set successfully (e.g. once every 15 minutes), then later every 15 minutes, when you watch Youtube, such a description is displayed.

So the tutorial on adding reminder in the Youtube app. So that with reminder This can remind us not to watch YouTube for too long and prevent our internet quota from running out quickly. Much luck.

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