How to limit the playback time in the YouTube Kids app

There are functions in the YouTube application take a break which serves to remind users to end access to YouTube after the specified time has elapsed.

For example, if you don’t want to access YouTube for the next 30 minutes, you can choose a reminder frequency every 30 minutes. To activate it, you can go to the “Settings” menu and “Remind me to stop playing”.

Specialty take a break What YouTube has is great. But unfortunately this function is not used very effectively because take a break cannot force stop while users are watching videos.

As a result, many users continue to access YouTube. And Google, as the parent company of YouTube, eventually removed the feature.

Speaking of viewing restrictions, for those of you who have younger siblings or children, it’s better to use YouTube Kids. Why? Because by using YouTube Kids you can limit their display time.

How one? Please refer to the methods below.


1. Open the YouTube Kids app. When you have entered the homepage, please tap on the padlock symbol.

2. Choose timer.

3. Set timeout – start timer. The maximum time limit is 60 minutes.

4. When the time limit has expired, it looks like this:

5. The process is complete.

When the time limit expires, the YouTube Kids app will be blocked. And to open it, you can tap the padlock icon at the bottom.

And what you should know is password parents use to control children’s activities through multiplication. Therefore, the YouTube Kids application is very suitable for children aged 8 years and younger who are not very skilled at multiplying.

This tutorial will show you how to limit the watch time on YouTube Kids. Hope it’s useful.

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