How to limit hotspot data usage on Xiaomi phones

Hot spot is nothing new to today’s cellphone users. If we want to share the network Internet with other users, then Hot spot is a way. We cannot limit data usage for some popular brands of mobile phones Hot spot By default. This can of course be a problem if we want to share data and don’t know the rest of the usage.

Fortunately, for Xiaomi phone users there is an additional feature that allows us to limit data usage to media Hotspot.

In this article we limit the use of data to Hot spot in Smartphone Xiaomi.


1. Open options Settings / settings on Xiaomi.

2. In the settings area, select an option Portable hotspot in the Network column.

3. In the Portable Hotspot section, select an option One-time data limit.

4. In the Data limit section, activate the relevant functions using the buttons provided.

5. To set the data limit and post action, select an option size and When it’s too late.

6. In the Size section we can set the data limit we want to use in the media Hot spot. Adjust the data limit to your individual needs.

7. If the data has reached the specified limit, in the If exceeded section, we can define further actions, starting with switching off Hotspot quit.

The data limit function will be executed as soon as it is activated. Customize the usage based on the needs of the data you want to share about Hotspot.

Here is a tutorial on how to limit data usage Hot spot on Xiaomi phones. Hope it’s useful.

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